If you crave an adventure, you can find your excitement in the Adventure Park at Ada Ciganlija, the only such content available in Serbia. In the adventure park, you can spend the day in an exciting, fun and interesting way. The park can be visited individually and as part of a group, it also organizes various competitions and team building programs which enhance the sense of belonging to the team.

The Adventure Park is a polygon where visitors of all ages can have fun and get active. Some of the challenges in the Adventure Park are obstacles on the trees, made up of various platforms, hanging bridges, railings, beams and the alike. While overcoming obstacles, visitors are secured with professional equipment, which is similar to the alpinist one, but it was tested and adapted to this type of entertainment. When it comes to their difficulty, the existing obstacles fall into the category of medium-hard ones, but there are plans to set up a less demanding, baby park as well as one park with more serious obstacles for extreme sports lovers.

As part of the fun games on the ground (Funny Games), the Adventure Park has designed games of memory, orientation, strength, balance, and a wide variety of surprise games.

Information and making reservations:

Phone: +381 64 821 02 18



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