The artificial rock is located on the left bank of the Lake Sava, near the round bath. Its height is 15 meters with a capacity of 15 paths – directions. Sports climbing allows for daily pushing of the boundaries of possible, combining adrenaline experience, psychological stability, participation of the entire musculature and the beauty of soft, graceful climbing. Although sport climbing is one of the extreme sports, injuries are very rare, provided that the climber obeys the basic rules of safety.

Sport Climbing Club “Vertikal” was founded in 1994 and is a member of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. The “Vertikal” club with its artificial rock at Ada Ciganlija is the climbing center of competitive events and gatherings of new members. All interested parties, regardless of their age, weight and physical readiness, can join the club.

Information on working hours and scheduling of sports climbing appointments can be obtained
by making a call to +381 64 13 13 109.