Paintball is a tactical sports game from the genre of extreme activities, which represents the imitation of short-fire contacts in a limited space. For this kind of simulation, a special pneumatic marker is used, from which players shoot balls full of color.

The first open forest area on Ada Ciganlija is about 400 meters from the main entrance to Ada, towards the Terrace of Sava. An originally dense forest was adapted, cleaned and prepared for paintball. Wooden obstacles were set up, and a bunker made of sacks is placed in the middle. There are two fields: the first one, bigger, whose dimensions are 130 m × 80 m; and the second one, whose dimensions are 40 m × 60 m. There is also a space for the observers to stay, where they can refresh, look and cheer for the players in the “arena” in a pleasant forest environment, protected from balls.

Laser tag comes from a shooting video game which was transferred to reality. Laser tag players use a marker i.e. an infrared rifle and electronic hit detectors. All data from this highly technological equipment is transferred wirelessly to the computer, and at the end of the game each player gets their game statistics and hits.


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