The “Ski & Snowboard Center” is a place where you can learn how to ski even without any snow.

The ski simulator is a system of a movable ski trail which, with the help of a hydraulic platform of variable slope and speed adjustment, simulates various conditions on the ground, from the baby ski slopes (mild and slow) to the black ski trails (steep and fast).

It appeals to a very large number of users, practically everyone who likes winter sports and participate in them, regardless of their age and level of knowledge. Due to the ideal pedagogical conditions, a very safe and controlled way of practicing, it is a perfect start for complete beginners. After only five hours, beginners complete training and can right away go and use their knowledge on the actual snow, without any need for adaptation.

On the SkiTrack simulator, several international ski instructors take care of you, led by sports professor Marko Malenić, the director of the SkiTrack group.


Information and making reservations:

Phone: +381 63 55 00 44 marketing, +381 62 55 00 44 class scheduling (booking)