As the summer bathing season approaches, a tourist train which drives in a circle around the Lake Sava starts operating at Ada Ciganlija, with 18 stops in attractive locations. By using the train, visitors can get to know all the beauties of Ada Ciganlija in a unique way.


  1. (starting point) entrance ramp
  2. ramp “12” (behind the Azaro restaurant)
  3. near the former Bip (Oases)
  4. near the slides, before the bungee
  5. near Sirano
  6. near Dositej
  7. near 8+
  8. near Director
  9. near At the End of the World
  10. between At the End of the World and the isthmus
  11. near Taložnik (isthmus)
  12. near Vanila
  13. near Smokvica
  14. near Sunset
  15. near the zip-line on the right bank
  16. near Time Out
  17. near Shine
  18. near the parking lot on the right bank

The train can be rented at an hourly rate for group rides, and the route must be pre-arranged.

Two trains operate during the summer bathing season, from 10:00 to 19:30. The interval of the departure from the starting point is every half an hour, depending on the number of visitors and crowds on the walkways.