The Trim Park is situated about 100 meters away from the roundabout towards the Belgrade bath (Terrace of Sava). The immediate vicinity of the sports fields and an excellent location at the very beginning of the Holmer trim trail make it ideal for carrying out sports and recreational activities where both athletes and people who practice recreationally can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The trim park was built in 2009 and covers 1200 m². It is surrounded by ash woods and a trim trail which is covered with grounded trigs. The unique open-air outdoor gym consists of 24 devices which are used to treat all muscle groups. The base of the gym made out of grounded twigs is regularly replaced, and it represents the base of the highest quality intended for exercise due to its positive impact on the joints, making this park a unique one in Belgrade.

Children, young people as well as elderly, athletes and beginners all visit and practice in our trim park because it was designed so as to fully meet the needs and abilities of users of all ages.
The advantage of the trim park is that it can be used throughout the year, which was the main idea of its creation – to be able to practice in an open space and in a pleasant environment. Due to its popularity, the trim park was illuminated in 2016, so that fans of this place could visit it in the evening hours too.