Badminton Center

Welcome to the NATIONAL BADMINTON CENTER, the first facility built especially for badminton training and recreational purposes, featuring five professional courts and all the necessary accompanying facilities.

The NATIONAL BADMINTON CENTER is located on Ada Ciganlija, in a great location which can be accessed by various means of transport (car, bicycle, boat…), as well as a walking trail leading from the entrance of Ada Ciganlija or from the Ada Bridge.

Badminton, one of the most popular Olympic sports in which the ball travels at the speed of up to 493 kilometers per hour, can be played in an exquisite sporting environment as:

  • Recreation
  • Badminton classes
  • Individual training lessons
  • Tournaments
  • Team building, sports days, promotions, presentations, etc.

Qualified and skilled employees, with a substantial work experience, conduct all coaching activities and give lessons to all age groups.

The activities on these professional badminton courts are available to visitors throughout the entire year.


+381 66 80 14

Badminton centar | Ada Ciganlija