There are four basketball courts whose dimensions are not standard (courts of smaller dimensions than the standard ones) located between the football complex and the golf club, as well as seven basketball fields with standard dimensions (28 m x 15 m), located between the football complex and the tennis hall. The courts have a concrete base and stands, and two of them also have spotlights, which are extremely suitable for organizing basketball events in the evenings.

Ada Ciganlija | Kosarka

As part of a big Mozzart company campaign called “Hundred courts for one game”, two concrete basketball courts had been renewed in 2018. at Ada Ciganlija. The courts on Ada Ciganlija were the 57th and the 58th court which had been renovated by the Mozzart company and which had received a completely new, special surface, professional support poles, acrylic backboards and hoops with and enclosed spring.