Rowing on Ada Ciganlija has a very long and rich tradition. Along time ago, in 1932, the 33rd European Championship, opened by King Aleksandar Karađorđević, was held on the Lake Sava. From then till now, rowing on Ada Ciganlija has been one of the most distinguished sports, and young rowers have had one success after another at world ranked competitions for years, thanks to which there are many organizations of top level competitions in store for Ada Ciganlija.


is located on the New Belgrade side of the lake, while the rowing clubs “Grafičar”, “Red Star” and “Partizan” are located along the embankment of Čukarica Bay.

RC “GRAFIČAR” was founded as the first sports club by the Union of Graphic artists under the name “Typographic, Rowing, Swimming and Fishing Club” in the former Kingdom of Serbia on September 3, 1905. The initiator of the club was Vilhelm K. Pipal, one of the more prominent personalities of that time, a union movement official, and during that period, the famous mathematician, academician and a lover of rivers, Mihailo Petrović-Alas, participated in the activities of the club. In the early seventies, more precisely in 1970, at the Yugoslav Senior Championship, a pair without a steersman consisting of only Zoran Vidaković and Vladimir Tomić appeared, who won the gold medal, the first significant competitive success of the club. The working of the club nowadays is based on rowing activities, divided into three areas: competitive women’s and men’s rowing in four age categories (pioneers, cadets, juniors, seniors); the rowing school attended by beginners and recreational rowing and recreational activity for all ages and all citizens of Belgrade.

RC “RED STAR” is located at the lower tip of Ada Ciganlija at Čukarica Bay. The club has over 30 boats which can compete in all categories, and as part of the club, there is also a paddle room, which is very significant for the winter training period. The rowing club “Red Star” has a closed football field with artificial grass as well.

RC “PARTIZAN” is located at the lower tip of Ada just below the Ada Bridge. The club is primarily engaged in excellent rowing, but there are also recreational programs for all interested parties. Club premises meet the needs of all members (gym with ergometers and rowing training equipment). The most massive program offered in the club is the rowing school, where the first rows are made in four-oars, sculls and galleys.

The Rowing Association of Serbia:

RC “Grafičar”: +381.11.357.22.57