There are two tennis complexes available on Ada Ciganlija, located at the left bank of the Sava Lake.


The tennis complex is located behind the football complex, surrounded by a picnic area, open sports fields and a bicycle trail. It is made up of a tennis hall and five outdoor tennis courts. The use of the complex is that of a commercial type.

The tennis hall opened in March 2010. It extends to about 1000 square meters and represents a unique indoor tennis space in the region. The hall has two hard courts, modeled on the courts of the US Open. In addition to the courts, the hall has a warm-up room, a locker room, shower cabins, a coffee shop, a balcony lounge and an office. The tennis hall has a heating system, so the temperature is always perfect for practice, even in the wintertime. Open courts are located in front of the hall and are covered in clay.

All interested tennis clubs, professional tennis players and recreational players can use the tennis complex. Recreational tennis time slots can be booked every day from 08:00 to 23:00 by calling the phone number:
Making a reservation:

THE TENNIS COMPLEX near the round bath

In the vicinity of the round bath, there are two clay courts.