The Lake Sava on Ada Ciganlija, with its man-made beaches of about 6km in length, is the largest open swimming area in the Republic of Serbia, which welcomes up to 150,000 visitors on a daily basis during the summer bathing season. The beaches of the Lake Sava are well-kept and equipped with all necessary infra structural facilities, which make them, as a whole, one of the largest and most beautiful swimming areas in artificial lakes throughout Europe. The quality of the Lake Sava’s water is extremely high, as evidenced by the inspection results of the City Institute of Public Health of Belgrade, whose 99.8% of samples taken over the past 5 years have shown that the quality of the lake’s water is within the boundaries of surface waters’ first and second categories which imply that the water can be used for drinking (after filtration and disinfection processes), bathing and recreation, irrigation and industrial use. This data is supported by the fact that the beaches of Lake Sava, for the past 6 years, have been the recipient of the Blue Flag, the highest international recognition for quality in tourism, environmental protection and safety in a swimming area, which entails fulfillment of exceptionally strict requirements of significant international factors, which primarily relate to the bathing water’s highest quality and flawless safety on the beach. During the bathing season, the swimming area is secured by a highly trained and fully equipped rescue service, therefore, it is not surprising that the Lake Sava, according to the official statistics, is one of the safest bathing areas in Europe. Clean and clear water, well-kept beaches and surrounding greenery in the immediate vicinity of the city center make the swimming area on the Lake Sava a unique and must-see location for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Ada Ciganlija | Kupaliste